A Weekend Getaway to Nandi Hills

Hello Readers,

Happy Republic Day!

In my last posts, I had mentioned about my hanker towards traveling.  So here’s my first post on my travel experience and hey this is definitely not my first travel.


Before the alarm waking me up, I was up and checking out my friends missed calls. The time was 4:02 am.

Heard honks and again a couple of missed calls on my phone when I came out of bath. Peeped in to the street from my balcony to check out if my friends already there. There stands a guy under the yellow halogen street light, showing his wrist watch and some gestures. I said “give me 10 mins”.  Tied up the lace of shoes, pulled up my jacket, some water as I always gulp when I am moving out of house. Took the keys of  scooter. I am ready to hit the road.


Started at 5:23 am picking up one more of our friends from his place.  It was a pleasant yet chilling ride. Road was as smooth as butter. I did take some wrong turns talking to my pillion. We all got together and reached a chai ka thela (a small tea shop) had some tea and guided few more enthusiastic travelers at this point.

Finally reached the top of the hill to find ourselves at the very last in the long queue for tickets. The timings of Nandi hills is 6am to 6pm. We all were disappointed that we missed the view of the sun rise. Well, that’s not the only purpose we visited there. Anyway, we did get a glimpse of the orange clouds while riding on the beautiful curves of Nandi hills. We took the tickets which was ₹10/person and ₹20/two wheeler.

Getting into the Nature’s created green park was with welcoming monkeys on the steps. We got into a huge kamaan built by Tippu Sultan to find a big route map of the place. We took the right and started walking into the lush green pathways.  Amazing feel when you take every breath and fresh air entering your nostrils.  We saw this big rock structures and followed the same.  We got the magnificent view of the sun which already rose up over head.  Watching the sea of clouds were the moment everyone could wish for.  It was truly amazing. The gracious hills around, kissing the clouds, well do we need to expect anything more? We had awesome time all together.

We were hungry by this time. We went inside the hotel Mayura Pinetop for our breakfast.  We all got a place in a corner. We had bread omelet (₹50) which is a okay to fill the stomach + luxurious view of the Nature’s beauty which costs ₹0.

We started walking around the hills.  We spent some time near the beautiful pond (also called as pushkarani). We kept on naming monkeys by our name which concluded with stupid story.  We also observed the unethical behavior of some guys who were trying to enter the pond while it’s restricted. There came a shout from the maintenance staff which also humiliated the educated nature spoilers.

We walked around to take pictures specially near almost all the unused dustbins placed everywhere in this nature park. Do people think using  dustbins is a crime? It’s still unanswered to me.

Finally, packed up and came back after a refreshing beautiful morning we had on Nandi Hills. I strongly recommend to visit Nandi hills in the early hours.  It makes you stressful and makes your weekend a beautiful and memorable one.

Until my next one, keep sharing your experiences.

Thanks for visiting

-Love VK

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