Hello Everyone,

Last weekend, there was no post from me in the blog. That because I was chilling out with my friends in 1522 the pub.

No, do not go back to the history when I say 1522. Its not year, its a PUB. Just taking out time out to review and help you plan your weekends.

Well, this is located very close to Orion Mall and its quite easy to locate on the smartphones. Wondering why the name 1522  for a pub. This is because 1522 is supposed to be the address/ door number of this pub.

Okay, let start moving inside. You need to take the stairs and move up, if you move down you will end up in a Bar instead of PUB 🙂

As soon as you enter you feel that you have entered an European pub (as referred by my friend who said the place resembled to that of a UK pub)

You have nice sitting area, you can opt for sitting on the bar as well. The interiors are well designed keeping the rock lovers in the mind. Everywhere you can see good portraits which depicts Music.

They only play Rock music and variants, and we supposed to land here on Sunday too. What you get on Sunday? well, Sunday’s are Karaoke nights here. The pub offers wide variety of good food. Mainly famous for the Mangalorean style cuisines. Do not worry if you are a veggie, this place has delicious food for veggies too. The drinks list is endless if you are an alcoholic. You find helpful staff around, just to put it into a nut shell, Its a Great place to hang out with your friends.


My rating on 1522 the Pub

Food: Excellent

Service: Very good

Ambience: Excellent

On  Wallet: ₹₹₹₹

Value for money: Ofcourse yes

Here are few pictures.

6a5d9aac0ae3e49326d61f8c93b460bf_200_thumb GroupTable-restaurant-deal-online-image-1 84712ed1db0490530d1ac205621b6a19_200_thumb 36ed238ae499a11385e85bb9f7994c1f 7dfc427231b23e0b22078b6388e54539

Photo courtesy: Google Images

We rolled a weekend plan just last night. Shall update you in my coming posts.

Thanks for visiting!




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