One of the Best Coffee in Bangalore

Hello Guys,

Back from interesting week. I have cousins at my place so its obvious I will step out more.

okay, How many of you have seen the Hanuman Temple in Mahalakshmi Layout? I guess many of you know this temple. Just adjacent to it, we can notice a small restaurant which reads “Mahalakshmi Refreshments”. They have very old style furniture, which makes me step in. I like antique 🙂

Its the place where you can get refreshed with rich coffee. Its a very small place, but not that small to skip relishing your cuppa coffee, infact great coffee. I usually take two cups as one cannot satisfy me 🙂 Visit there in the early mornings, bet me you would keep telling about the coffee all day all night.

The rich aroma of the coffee, God, guess I will have to run there now. You also find good but not so great breakfast here. I am sure its gonna keep you wallet heavy and intact.

Go grab your cup of coffee  soon!
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