Roads get smoother: Revisiting Nandi hills

Hello Everyone,
I know I am writing a lot these days. It’s all because the bonding which is grown intact with you all. I am very thankful and feel blessed with your sweet thoughts about my blog. Thank you so much for writing me back.

My cousin had come to my place to stay over for his vacation. A vague plan was proposed to visit Coorg, but plans did not work out as no one of us had enough time to prepare for that. One of my friend said, “let’s visit temple, Ghati Subramanya”, Oh yeah, we can visit Nandi hills too.”

Straight over to the misty morning, 4:30 am we were supposed to wake up, unfortunately with my sleepy head on the previous night, I put the alarm as 4:30 am from Monday to Friday, we were already on Sunday. All of us in deep sleep, a friend calls at 4:45am to check if we are really getting ready 🙂 This friend always thinks we are playing tricks on him. He never believes us until we reach his home to pick him. Well, I realized “Oh Shit” ran towards the bathroom to put on the geyser, here comes one more call from my friend asking if we are ready. Quickly words slipped from my mouth “yeah I am all ready, just waiting for my cousin to get ready” with the toothbrush in my hand. 😀

We are ready, friend is waiting down, this time we are going by car. I thought I wouldn’t need the jacket, so did my cousin. Later we both realized, the decision was a debacle.

The roads really get smoother, you can reach way early. Beautiful buttery roads all way till Nandi Hills.

We missed the sight of sun rise one more time, all ugly looks on me! 🙂 because I delayed. We did have fun taking pictures and roaming around. All was the same, except the breakfast. this time we had breakfast downhill in a small eatery named Hotel Nandi. Food was okay, nah it wasn’t okay too.

From there we went to the temple. There’s a bad road of about 2 Km while reaching the Ghati Subramanya temple. Drive downhill, take a right when you get the nandi statue and follow the road to reach the temple.

Here are few pictures for you.

DSC_0241 - CopyDSC_0244 - CopyDSC_0245 - CopyDSC_0249 - CopyDSC_0266 - Copy

DSC_0267 DSC_0274DSC_0268DSC_0276IMG_20140209_070214IMG_20140209_070237IMG_20140209_070604

IMG_20140209_074935IMG_20140209_075826IMG_20140209_075834IMG_20140209_075855Hope you liked the pictures. Have fun. Travel more. Until my next, Bye.

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