The joy ride of the decade

Hello my lovely Readers,
 Thanks a lot for showing so much interests in my blog and my posts. I am blessed that I have some professional bloggers visiting my blog and appreciating my write ups. Once again thank you all.

Alright coming back to the title of this post. Yes, I boarded a city bus almost after a decade. The last time was when I was in my graduation college.  It’s a different feeling altogether when I used to board a bus, we knew the route numbers. But as soon as I got my first scooter which my dad bought for me, I have only honked at buses in the traffic but never boarded them again.

There came a situation recently. It was around 22:40 on a Sunday night, when I thought how do I go to my work tomorrow? Because my scooter is seriously not well. With its horrible conditions I couldn’t take it out.  I called up a friend “hey, can I get your scooter for tomorrow” I requested him confidently thinking he would say yes and only yes.  But to my bad luck the answer was “no” his sister wanted the scooter for the next day. “Okay, no worries. Good night!” I said (still in confidence that one more friend would agree). “Hello, what’s up dude, at what time are you going to the office?” He started with his feverish and shaky voice “hey today I am not well, so couldn’t make to the office”. I had nothing to say but “take care see you soon”. The last hope, one more colleague. He didn’t pick the call twice. I got a call from him. He gently said knowing the situation already as we call each other only at the time of sharing the scooters or bikes “hey I need to drop my relatives somewhere, would be late” . He also suggested to take the bus.

My brother, who was seeing me catching up with my friends and colleagues all the time suggested me to take a bus. “it will hardly take an hour to reach your work place” he said against my thoughts of getting late by at least 2 hours if I take the bus.

Finally I got convinced by him and asked him to check for the route numbers numbers, which I was completely unaware. He was very much aware of the route numbers but still I asked him to check in the Internet. He did that and sent me a message containing all of that.

I started off and walked towards the bus stop which is very near to my house. Now I should head towards the main city bus stand. One crowded bus came just as I went and stood near the bus stop. I boarded the bus keep the time in mind.

The bus was completely packed. The conductor of the bus issued me a ticket. They have this unique style where they never return your change for the money you have given for the ticket. Instead they write behind the ticket and ask us to collect later from them. This happens even when they have sufficient change which can be returned. This time it’s was only ₹8.

I somehow managed to find myself a place where I can stand and reached the main bus stand. I collected the change by showing the ticket. Walked towards the platform where I get buses towards the area/place in which my work place is situated. There stood a red Volvo bus. I enquired the conductor and he said “please get in” I was boarding the second bus in a decade. This was an air conditioned bus which had luxurious seats. I got a seat near the window. I bought a ticket, again behind the ticket conductor wrote ₹40 which he needs to return. As the bus started, there came a foreigner to sit beside me. He had a tough time dealing with the conductor as both couldn’t get their accents even though both could speak English. Remembering the Aamir Khan ad of “Atithi devo bhava”. I tried to poke my nose and helped both of them to convey their words. The Spanish guy was impressed. He started saying things about India and the people. I made a statement “yeah, Indians are very kind at hearts and helpful people. Same like me” i smiled at him. That lines made him laugh so hard. Well, the Spanish guy’s stop was nearing and I gently (still Atithi devo bhava in my mind) asked him to get down in the next stop. He returned thanks and got off. I continued the journey, a beautiful girl dressed in formals had the chance of sitting next to me. No its the other way round. But that lasted only for 15 minutes as my stop was nearing. The words which slipped out from my mouth was “excuse me, I need to get down here”. She smiled and said sure and gave me way. I collected the change from the conductor showing the ticket (it’s a tradition by now for me) And I got down from the bus and walked towards my work place.

This was the joyful bus ride I had after very long time. It was good., infact great knowing people, traveling with strangers. Ah it’s indeed a colour life is what I felt.

Quick words about Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (sweetly called as BMTC). Well, BMTC provides you great fleet of services which is beyond our imaginations. When you compare buses from other state, you would evanescence looking at the huge variant series offered by BMTC and also you would agree on the condition of the buses. So neatly maintained!

I am happy and proud that I was born in bangalore and I can enjoy such rides and journey in my city.

Do share your experiences (on the same lines ofcourse).

Thanks for reading and visiting.

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “The joy ride of the decade

  1. Lol! It was joyous knowing ur bmtc xperience. Can u please elaborate the 15 minutes experience when a beautiful girl in formal dress got the chance to sit next to you 😉


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