Bidding Adieu!

Namaste All,

I am in a mixed feeling as I am drafting this post. One side, I am happy that my blog passed through thousand hits at a very short span. On the sad side, I will be detaching from someone whom I have bonded with for 9 good years.

On 8th August 2005, someone came to my home for the very first time. Just 4 days later, 12th August 2005, Aamir Khan’s much awaited movie was released. I was very excited as the movie Mangal Pandey – The Rising was released after Aamir Khan went into hiatus with his last movie being Dil Chahta Hai. I was surrounded by bunch of excitements. I went to the movie with my friends on this brand new “someone”

That someone was a black scooter named “Honda Activa”. It was the very first scooter, my dad bought for me. I must admit that I have enjoyed the joyful rides on this scooter. This scooter was so much fond of me that till date it has never made my day, debacle. It always supported me in all weather, all days of the year.  I was still pursuing my graduation when I shook hands with my Activa. I have attended the classes just in time with its generous help.

There came few instances where we both (my Activa & me) had painful days, I had my first major accident just near to my home at midnight. My Activa, had a major hit. Years later, second accident kissed me with bruises everywhere on a Sunday afternoon, when I was returning back home writing a bank exam. This was a more serious one than the previous. My bike was seriously hurt.

After that, my Activa started responding less towards me. Ofcourse, I was the culprit in each of the instances. Now the time has arrived for both of us to uncouple from the fantastic & pleasant journey we had together all through these 9 years.

I shall disengage with my Activa only from the regular bonding we had. We used to spend close to around 1 and half hours or so every day on not so good roads of Bangalore. Activa will always stay with us.

I would take my blog as the forum to thank my Activa for serving me wonderfully all these years. I shall really miss you. I would surely come back and hug you and hop on you for one more sweet ride. I am sure; you would never nod your head as “No”. Many thanks, I will love you and take good care of you. Don’t forget, we need to visit the service station soon.

Thanks for visiting,




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