Namma Metro: Green Ride!

Hi Everyone,

Put on the second button on the switchboard. The ceiling fan has begun to spread the cool air generously. Now sitting under it is me, writing this post. 🙂

It makes me immensely happy when people refer my work to something similar they find and say, “Look, in today’s news paper someone has written an article in your style on Namma Metro” my brother said.

“Hey Vikas, so can we expect a write up on your favourite show (Satyamev Jayate), Huh?” were the lines received as text on my phone from my MBA lecturer, who is keenly following my blog and I must say his appreciations makes me feel happy and blessed always. Sir, a special ‘thank you’ for the sweet words you say. Also I want to thank all of those beautiful people who are appreciating my work.

metro 8Metro 2As summer is around the corner, we the residents of Rajajinagar are happy that we witnessed the Namma metro zooming in front of our eyes. A part of Namma Metro’s – North – South corridor is now open for public and was inaugurated on 28th February 2014.

Metro 9Metro 31st March 2014, 5:00 am my alarm woke me up. I got ready for one more beautiful morning walk. These days my mom has also started joining me. On Saturday, we thought of fine tuning our walking track towards Hanuman temple situated at Mahalaskhmi Layout. While on the walk we saw the Metro trains just waking up and starting their services.

Metro 11Metro 4Previous day, I was disappointed as the officials did not leave me inside on account of inauguration. “Sahaab, aap andar nahi jaa sakte, CM aaye hue hai” (you are not supposed to get inside as CM has come over) was the words of the security guard of Rajajinagar metro station. I said okay and came back.

Metro 10Metro 5

People usually mistake me as North Indian or even a Muslim sometimes and start speaking in Hindi with me 🙂 (I have no problem as long as they take me as an Indian). Here I want to take off track on the above subject. I have few points to put up. We, Bangaloreans are so warm and kind at heart, we invite you, talk to you in your language, adjust according to your comfort. Still I have seen some people blaming the city. I have seen this in my friends, be it a person from other state or the same state.  You blame Bangalore for every sad thing happened to you. Sincere request, stop doing it and if you can’t, start leaving the city. (I have made these statements to my few of such friends as well)

Metro 6Metro 7So coming back to the topic, I thought of taking a metro ride for one stop till my house. So we reached the temple and on return we walked towards the famous Mahalakshmi Refereshments to sip a cup of coffee. After that, we walked towards the metro station, bought tickets and we waited in the empty station. Morning joggers stared coming to take the first ride. After boarding the train, we saw comfortable seats, neat and tidy floors, empty coaches. We even got to see the beautiful scenery of the misty morning with the station surrounded by temples everywhere. The train started, my mom was enjoying her first ride to the fullest extent. It was ofcourse not a new ride for me, as I had already travelled on the purple line. We were at the Rajajinagar station within minutes.

Metro 12metro 13It was a wonderful morning ride. My mom started enquiring on the developments; structure and pricing of Namma Metro all the way till our home. Being a pricing man I had to clear her questions.

Metro 14Metro 15metro 16Later throughout the day I kept on traveling to my cousins places and with them till the Sampige station. Even went on a Sunday. As the name goes, it is really “Namma Metro” now for me 🙂

Fare table given below:

UntitledAlright! This much information is enough, go take your ride as early as possible.

Thanks for visiting!

I wish my brother a very Belated Happy Birthday. Also would like to dedicate this post to him as most of the pictures are captured by him.

Lots of love,



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