Satyamev Jayate – Part 1

Hey Readers,

I am back with yet another topic to discuss. First part as always, I shall go on a Thank run.

I am so glad to share the great news that this blog had the most successful hits on my previous article about Namma Metro. The blog’s link was shared in some of the most happening discussion forums of today’s date. It’s only because of your love and interest towards me and my writings, this blog has come all the way up to achieve a part of its success. Well, I think thanking all you sweet people has become habitual for me and ofcourse endless. Actually, I am texting a “thank you” to one of my good old friend while I draft this post.

Now tell me, who all feel that they are very safe in a city like Bangalore in the present day. 100% safe as you are staying in Bangalore? No, that’s not a right answer.  The mentality and thoughts of all of us indeed needs a change.

I am talking about the recent topic highlighted/discussed on the national television show called “Satyamev Jayate”. How many of you watched this show, cancelling your busy outings, shopping, movies and other entertainment. None, I believe.

Admitting, I watched the very first episode (referring season 1, telecasted in 2012) only because Aamir Khan was the host.  That was the last time I watched it for Aamir. Now, I watch the show for myself.

We have borne enough. Now is the time to start fighting against the social evils for ourselves, for our betterment, for our future. I want to see the day when we start thinking a women’s rape in the society is a rape on our integrity and on our souls.

They have built a platform, they take it to the government, and they will fight for us. We just need to push ourselves a bit to support them. Who are they? – The team of Satyamev Jayate. Can’t we spend 2 hours each of our 5 Sundays?

This time please don’t say it’s a same old crap; think for tear and pain of the girl, the cries of their parents. I request you all to join hands and fight for our betterment.  Educate ourselves about various aspects of fighting rape. We unfortunately (I wish it was read as Fortunate) have different hurdles to pass through, those are the below:

  • Police
  • Hospital
  • Court
  • Society

People who think Bangalore is safest. Below are the statistics for 2012 :

SMJ 1I will request with my joined hands to participate in this fight against the evils of society. For participation you just need to visit the website mentioned under. This time, do a bit for yourself.

I shall be writing episode wise articles, to change myself and my country.

Satyamev Jayate aired on almost all channels (in regional languages too)
Sundays 11 AM

 Jai Hind!, Satyamev Jayate,



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