Waste disposal – Satyamev Jayate, 3rd episode

SMJ 2 -3Namaste to all readers ,

I ‘ll talk about the issue discussed on 16 March which had the subject, the disposal of waste.

This third episode of Satyamev Jayate focuses on refuse disposal and treatment of waste , a major problem in India. Of landfills near cities to the recent use of incinerators pollute the air , we have to face it all.

But as in all previous episodes, we proposed solutions . These solutions , known by all of us , are none other than the formation of bio- gas, Lombi composting and other biological means.

The episode today highlights the parts of India that have implemented these systems and achieved spectacular results . The program also provides a very sensitive subject about which little is the work of people who handle waste and behavior of society towards them.

This episode is very enriching the knowledge and new ideas , it leaves us a positive thinking and even homework for the advent of a cleaner future , to take the initiative for change .

Aditi & akire

(Translated using Google Translator)


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