Kaun Madari Yahan Kaun Jamura – Satyamev Jayate 2 ENG & FRENCH SUBS

Hello dear readers,

Here is the song Kaun Madari Kaun Jamura with english subs

Note: This song is a satirical take on the political system in India. To understand this song
one must have a basic knowledge of the current political affairs in India. There is a mention
of Jamura and Madari in this song. A ‘Jamura’ is basically a performer who plays a specific
type of sidekick role in the traditional folk theatre of India and Pakistan. In the course of the
performance, the Jamura is supposed to comply with every command given by his master who
is known by the name ‘Madari’. Shows involving Jamuras are often two-person performances
and are usually called Madari-Jamura. These titles can be roughly compared to that of a
Magician(as Madari) and his apprentice(as Jamura). As the Jamura is expected to demonstrate
unquestioning obedience to the master’s directives, sometimes people or organizations who
are believed to be acting as puppets for others are derogatively called Jamuras in Indian and
Pakistani society.

And here is the song with french subs

Et voici la chanson avec des sous-titres français


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