Street Food: Cubbon Corridors

Hello People,

I hope all have casted their vote and looking forward for a beautiful long weekend. I am so happy to receive the response on my previous article “summer of 90’s”. Thanking you all from the deepest of my heart for your kind words of appreciation on the article. Also I am immensely happy to know that you all loved and it somehow helped you to revivify your old memories.

As mentioned in the previous article, I am endlessly working on the developments of my blog. Well, I would be glad to receive your suggestions too. Please write to me. Hmmmm, So what’s in there for this time?

Alright, as most of you are enjoying your holidays, I am happy to bring you the new segment of my blog called “Street Food”. In this segment, I travel across parts of the city, sometimes out of city to help you savour the best street food. The food you can talk about and you can suffice your hungry stomach. You also can directly check out this exclusive segment by clicking on my “Street Food Picture” which is on your left hand side.

SF2Taking the position just outside the high court in Cubbon Park, stands an orange coloured push cart duly lighted up in the evenings. The chat vendor says that his grandfather started fruit business nearly 40 years ago, which now the business has transformed into a fruit/veggie/chat stop. You get variety of freshly sliced fruits, vegetables and the mouth watering pinched masala on them. Ofcourse these colourful and yummy courses are customized according to your taste buds. The seller claims to have around 500 customers a day, selling plates of assorted cut fruits. After your order is placed, you get a moment to watch this seller expertly chopping the fruits and veggies in the palm of his hand without even accidentally cutting himself.

SF3You get big list of eating stuff which is very light on your stomach. You can even ask for the customized plate of your choice. Well, I had a plate of bhel puri, it’s so colourful. The tangy-ness, sweetness and  spice combined together just spreads in your mouth, your tongue asking for one more bite. Among the cut fruits, especially the pineapple masala which I love the most is something to talk about. As soon you take the bite, both chutneys (spicy and sweet sauce) spread across all over your mouth and give you amazing feeling like firecrackers bursting in the sky.

SF4After all this, I am sure somewhere in your mind you have made a plan to visit this place, “Ahh not today, may be tomorrow.” Well hold on, you have holidays lined up this week. You can visit all in peace.

Venue: Outside High Court, near Cubbon Park. Open on almost all days.

Price: INR10 to INR25 per plate. (prices tend to vary depending upon the seller’s mood. Do check for the price before you order)

Ambience: Having a bite under the huge green lush trees of cubbon park – Absolutely Free!!!

I shall come soon on one more Street Food. Happy eating till then.

Lots of Love,



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