Hello Friends,

Hope everyone are in good health and their summer is going on great. Well, when all other parts of India are feeling like they are put into a hot boiling drum, happy news for Bangaloreans who have tasted the dazzling rain and embraced cool breeze with some exquisite weather conditions in the city, last week.

I am back with one more street food version. So here is it.

Just beside the busy streets of MG road, there’s a small shop, which is hardly noticeable. The board reads as Sai Baba Bombay Sandwich under a tree with only the golden street light falling on it.

SF21The vendor claims to have been serving his customers for past 8 to 9 years in Bangalore. He started off with the business in Chickpet, later shifting it to Trinity Circle. He adds, they were happily serving the customers in the circle for years which BBMP itself had setup for all street food vendors until they were exiled as the Namma Metro work began. He also states that due to competition threat by these street food vendors to a popular hotel and restaurant in Trinity circle, the hotel decided to decamp all of them and that was also an important reason to their re-settlement.

SF22Coming to the sandwiches, they are hot, they look delicious. Soon you take a bite, the crunchy-ness of the veggies with tangy chutney, the cheese slice all combined together makes your stomach smile and asking for more. Ofcourse there are variety of sandwiches, which includes cheese jam (in sweet) as well. The list is limited though. Try grabbing one when you are this spot anytime.

SF23Venue: Just next to Shankar Narayan Buliding on MG Road

Price – Rs. 20 on all sandwiches (Check the rates before you order)

Eating Peacefully – Not possible due to honks, traffic jams etc. Make a place for yourself for a 15 minutes eating program 🙂

SF24See you soon, Happy eating until next.

Oh, yeah I forgot to mention, I recently finished a solo trip to an amazing place. I am currently working on the write up, shall post it soon for you all.

Lots of Love,



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