The Independence Month

Hello Everyone,

I am back with one more simple yet thought provoking topic. Thank you again for your fantastic response on my previous travel story – Fun Midst Nature.  I am sure you might have figured out some patriotic story looking at the subject of this post. Well, let us try getting our answers at the end of this post.

While I lead this wonderful life, there are a lot of things which strike my mind, I read newspapers, watch news, meet many of my friends, I speak with different people. Lot of instances prick my mind and heart.  On one side, my country is achieving new wonders, reaching new heights, I have a proud smile when I read, listen and watch about them. I really feel proud to be an Indian. However, on the other side there are some bitter truths of the society which we never want to see. When I meet these truths, I really get depressed and sad.

Sometimes I do feel that why should I think about things which are irrelevant to me, I am very happy and have a blessed life. What difference would it make if I think about these things? Well, it does make a difference and why would it not; even I am also a part of this society. Every mishap or an incident which occurs is connected to each one of us.  Just think if all our freedom fighters were alive, how would we face them? When they fought for our independence sacrificing their precious life, did they dream about today’s India?

I don’t want to blame anyone; I don’t want to crib about anything. The reasons for our social problems are because of one among us or may be all of us.  I now want to meet those crosswords and solve them.  My intention is not to bring out differences or make someone guilt of their wrongdoing. My strive is to change the face of India no matter what small things I write or do through this blog.

Do you remember this video which was aired on television for quite a long time?

“Take pride in being an Indian”. How many of you honestly feel proud of your nation, aha, don’t say it loud, try answering within you.

We made a plan to visit a historical site near Nandi Hills. This site is situated in a place called Nandi Grama. My friend called me and said his two other friends are also joining us. I had no clue until we met at a mutual place to start off the scooter ride to this amazing historical place. There I met our guest who was from France. We all greeted her graciously, introduced ourselves and started off.

As most of you are aware, we Indians are known for Athiti Satkaar (Warm Hospitality services), it is something which is in every Indian’s blood, I believe. Consequently, we made her feel comfortable in every way.

Temple at Nandi Grama
Temple at Nandi Grama

We visited a glorious temple built by kings of 5 dynasties. 5 dynasties did I say? Yes, the Bhoga Nandeeshwara and Arunachaleshwara temple near Nandi Hills is constructed by Gangarasa, Hoysalas, Pallavas, Cholas and lastly the VijayaNagara Kings. The fascinating part; though it has been constructed by different kings in different centuries, when you view the temple as a whole you will never find the subtle architectural differences.

Inside the Temple
Inside the Temple

Now we say, those were dynasties, the kings, the power which made that beautiful architecture look like one single temple, when the fact is it been constructed by 5 dynasties. Remember, they were the part of same Mankind.  Yes, they were same as me and you. They did not do it with ease for sure.


Let’s come back to the story, my friend started explaining about our ancient history of various deities which we have. For a moment I was dumbfounded, listening to my friend’s explanation about the religion and myths which I never knew.  We then headed towards Nandi hill which is very close; I experienced a new route which was a magnificent sight. We get villages, rocks, hills, ponds and what not. We had fun time going around this hill, had a nice time altogether. We had some good food atop the hill. Interestingly, we ordered less spicy food so that our guest could eat, and at the same time she started eating with hands looking at us. Well, to put it into a nut shell, all we were trying was to sustain the culture what our ancestors taught us & what we have gained in our experiences.


Ultimately we were the most happiest when our French guest said she enjoyed this short trip a lot with us and she looks forward to meet us again. We saw a delightful face, which was going with happy memories, a friendship & bonding with lots of love & care.

Friends like Deepak & Adarsh fulfil the true meaning of “Atithi Devo Bhav” and I salute to these personalities. I don’t understand why we wait until somebody does it. We can make your nation feel proud by doing a tiniest bit of work and it really does make a huge difference to the society or the country as a whole.

Now it was time for 15th August, I was thinking on how do I make it significant. Soon after there were messages floating on social media. It was an invite from my friend Amit who has recently set up a school called ‘Romasha International School’. I asked him if I am invited, he said no you are not, of course in a good sarcasm.

I hardly attended a flag hoisting event at my school, I went here because my heart said so. I am a strong believer of my heart.  A friend and I went to the school at 7:30am. It was a phenomenal sight of the little angels dressed up in colourful costumes. We sung national anthem & hoisted the flag. It was the time now to see the talented kids performing. We wanted to capture all the splendid moments. So we thought one camera for still pictures and the other for making videos. It was a wonderful event of about 2 hours. I just loved capturing the cute little kids’ graceful performances. One part of the event was a proud moment of the day when our future held the National Flag devotedly.






While I was still cherishing the memories of the Independence Day, I had one more opportunity to visit a celestial place called “Shubham Karoti Maitreyi Gurukula”. This is a school, where 20 girl students (most of them are underprivileged) every year are screened and allowed to study in the ancient Gurukul system. In this system the Gurus (Teachers) stay with the Shishyas (Students) throughout their education.  All this costs nothing; yes not even a single penny is paid by the students who get admitted here. It’s a situated in a peaceful nature place, neatly structured just like a primordial Gurukul setup. Today it has produced many doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs to our society. The speciality of this place is everything is taught in Sanskrit, they communicate in Sanskrit language. I salute the wise thoughts of Amit’s grandfather and his parents, who built up this Knowledge Divine.











I am blessed and proud to have such wonderful friends in my life. I very well know, everyone cannot be like my friends as each one of us has distinctive traits in us.  But we can still be the change for India’s future.  How? The answer lies within you.

Friends, we ought to introspect ourselves in search of goodness which is still there somewhere. If this is the country we want, then never mind let us live the way we are living now. But if the India of our dreams is something else, then we must make a new beginning.

What is my country doing for me, what is my Government doing for me?, we must push aside these questions and we should ask a new question. And that new question is what am I doing for the country and for the people of this country?

I hope, the new generation of this country might be reading this blog. The future, which we usually say is in our hands. This generation will take the country forward; they will take care of this nation. But I do not want to say this. Yes, it’s a shame on me if I say so.

People think, we could not achieve something, let us pass the yoke to the coming generation. No! A big No, Are we lifeless to do this? Don’t we have the love towards our country? Are we not passionate? The next generation will do their work & of course they will; all of them will work with us. But we must not step back. We won’t leave it all to them. It is my generation that will do this job. Together, we shall work towards the India of our dreams.

I have this strong feeling that we will leave behind a nation that we will be proud of and they will also be equally proud of us and the country.

It took me 28 years to identify an individual; finally I now met myself to discover that I am not an Indian. My walk, my talk, my sight, my thought, my sleep, my smile, my cry, my shy, my bread, my breath, Everything I do reflects India. Yes, I am India!

Thanks for visiting and sharing.

Please share your views on this. After every dusk, there is a sun that will rise above all to give us the light of our life!

Extracts: Satyamev Jayate,, Incredible India




12 thoughts on “The Independence Month

  1. Consistent…arent you??!!
    Gud job bro…special mention to the great concept you chose…!!
    I accompanied u in the visit to Nandigrama, RIS n the amazing gurukula, but was clueless on the thought goin on in your mind…specially the way u ve identified out the feel of ” unity in diversity” (bhavaikyate) in the construction of the amazing temple by five dynasties…makes me say – ” gudiyaayitu kalla shileyu gadiyaayitu aagasa”- the sky is the only border when v liv together underneath…only then such amazing monuments can b made…!!!
    Keep up the gud work bro..!!!😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh that’s such a lovely comment. I loved it. I am always so glad to receive your comments. You see, what I see. That’s were our thoughts meet.
    Well, thanks for the wonderful words which is really an encouragement for me. This is where I begin a new journey as “I India” 🙂
    Thanks a ton!


  3. Hello,
    I’m late… but I wanted to write something about that great day I spent with you three.
    Congratulations, not only you capture moments in good photos but also you are able to translate into words those moments !! very good job 🙂
    That’s fun to read a trip you lived told by a different point of view!
    sophie, the french guest


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