The Festival of True Colours

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Straight on the thank-run, I am very happy to receive all your suggestions and appreciations on my previous posts. The past week had few of my friends calling me to congratulate on my write-ups and promotions. Well, that is so humble of you guys. Though your appreciations make me fly high, the bitter truths I meet every now and then keep me grounded. Real big heartfelt thanks for each one of you who have valued my work and have patiently waited for my next.

And that next is here. The title of this post might be misleading. I know you might be thinking the promos showed the pictures of Lord Ganesha, while the title speaks about different festival. No, you will surely not read anything about Holi (the festival of colours) in this post. Well, I am writing this with lot of mixed feelings. There were days when we celebrated the Ganesha (Elephant headed God) festival with lots of happiness and joy. The bliss of bringing clay idol to home was one of the cheerful   moments of life. For me it was the curious wait until the big day arrived. This year I saw many truths unfolding, the miasma which had covered now opened to show up some true colours. Before I tell my story let us understand what this festival is about.

This spectacular festival honours the birth of the beloved Hindu elephant headed god, Lord Ganesha. It is believed that by worshipping him, one can get rid of the obstacles and also witnesses good fortune. The festival begins with the installation of different sized elaborately crafted clay idols of Lord Ganesha in homes and streets across India. Artisans put years of efforts to make these clay idols. Unfortunately their massive talents are somewhere snubbed down in the joyous spirit of this festival.

The great part which I love is that this festival brings every other religion together with their best smiles and their best clothes, for a celebration that is not only about religion, but more about bonding, love and harmony.

Just 2 days to go for the majestic festival, on a sunny afternoon the lunch table was ready. My colleagues said, “Vikas! Put your phone aside and for god sake start eating”. I accepted the order and started enjoying my lunch. We usually have fun time while we take every single bite. I was done with my lunch and checked my phone to find out a message that read my grandpa was down with serious health conditions and is being admitted to Hospital.

While I was rushing to the hospital from my work place, I experienced the fear, the anxiousness, and the thoughts in my mind which ran faster than my scooter. I felt like the traffic is staring at me on what do I do? Every time a message beeps in the pocket, the heart beat went up faster. This is all I could explain because my mind went on blank state thereafter.

I never knew I loved my grandpa so much until this fateful day arrived. My eyes were filled when I saw him in the nebuliser finding hard to breathe but he smiled and held my hand.  Yes, I disliked him from the beginning because for the biased opinions he always kept. Right from my childhood, I was treated as an average guy who will turn to nothing in my family and this treatment is going on even today. Thankfully my parents know me well by now. My cousins and other family members are praised for their intelligent minds (I call it clever minds though).  So, I never felt close to my grandpa while I always liked my grandma for her unbiased love and care which she showers on all her grandchildren.

I met two kinds of human beings that day. There was one kind with passion, professionalism, love and above all the desire to serve the mankind and the other with false commitments, shredding the responsibilities, negligence and despairing from a person who gave them the identity to this world.

When we talk about Indian culture and tradition, what is it that sets us apart from the rest of the world? Respect for elders and the heartfelt reverence. Ours is the only country in the world where we touch the feet of elders, to seek their blessings and even today millions of Indians begin the day by touching the feet of their elders. And in almost all the languages, elders will always bless us with long life. But do all the elders get the same respect in reciprocal?

Long life (grins) – for what, to make their lives miserable? Well, we should never think that our elders are our weakness. Instead they are the pillars of strength. They have experience, knowledge, love, understanding and zeal for the life. They are our past and they are also our future. As a society, we should to give chance to the elders to shine even in their old age by helping and encouraging them. Old age doesn’t mean that it is the end of life, certainly not.

The hands that helped us as we took our first steps, the hands that fed us our first morsels. When we hold those hands in ours, in calluses we see on those, we should not read their future; instead think on what our future is to be. When those trembling hands stand high to bless us, only then we will see bright future for us and our generation. It is just like a boomerang, what you do to your parents is what your children do for you.

Having said all that I wanted to say, I salute two people whom I am very proud of. One is my brother Vishal, who took best of the best care of my grandpa all round the clock. And the other is my cousin sister Dr. Priyanka, without whom we could have terribly broken down.  Thanks to my parents who have always shown us the right path. These people fulfil the hopes of needy and make mankind look more beautiful and colourful. Hopefully now you can relate the title of this post “The festival of true colours”

And there was a happy ending with my grandpa stepping back into the house on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi. He is all fine now with the blessings of Lord Ganesha. I somehow managed to make celebration impressive with the simple decoration for the elephant headed deity at my home. However, that simple beautification turned out to be grand in the eyes of visitors. The Bappa stayed for good long 7 days this time, at our home. After the tensed first day, the celebration followed in a splendid way.

Friends, hope we all have got the message right. We will love our elders and take great care of them. We shall strive hard not to bring that drop of tear in their eyes, which can be the disastrous flood for us in future.

Here are some of the pics:










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