Satyamev Jayate – 3.1

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As always started with magical words Namaskar Adaab Khusmadeed.. Satyamev Jayate.

The show began with a story of a boy and changes of his life. He shared us the story of how a sport like soccer made his transition from a gangster to a great national soccer captain. Also we saw how a master/ teacher contributed in the evolvement of Akhilesh Kumar’s life. Further there were discussions on how slum soccer has grown intensively in our country today.


Whilst a father who has daughters, always think about the affordability of dowry, Mr.Poghat thought differently. He battled all the odds and encouraged to play a sport dominated by men said the emerging champions in Wrestling – Geeta (Champion and gold medallist -2010) and Babita (Champion and gold medallist – 2014)


Shubham is 9 year old kid. He began his journey to become a champion in one of the world’s costliest sport in the world – Golf. He being born and raised in a village of Haryana, now has won 100+ tournaments in Golf. He also happens to be the world champions amongst his age group. All this happens when people like Amit Luthra around. He has founded a golf foundation and helped many of sport enthusiastic to become champions today. He said “our only purpose is to pick up diamonds from the mud and polish them. Training these gems lets them shine themselves”. But the job of picking up the diamonds from the mud is actual a great thing which not many do in the present day.


After these three stories, can you all relate to one common thing in them? Yes it is about sports. How can a sport help an individual in terms of his/her health, income and target to set goals? In fact, all the schools, educational institutes, parents, teachers, every individual should encourage sports. Aamir, also explained how sports has helped him, a under graduate (12th drop out) on how to build, strategize and bond with the team to achieve the impossibles.  These goals have also been achieved by many of them. To know how, please continue reading.

Magic Bus is started by Matthew, a foreign who arrived to Mumbai 20 years ago. He said he saw two sides of the city the rich and poor on his arrival. It all began when he trained few poor kids for rugby and they won a match against Bombay Gymkhana, which is one of the niche gym centres of Mumbai in those days. However, Matthew says the kids whom he had trained were not able to go to their routine work. To help them, he founded Magic Bus. Today, it has helped over 5 lakh children across India and 90% of children are from the poor background.


Rahul Mehra a lawyer spoke about how politicians are minting money in the name of sports by giving example of National Common Wealth Games in India of recent times. He also suggested that the sports should be governed by the sport enthusiastic only and not by any political parties in our country. And here is a poll for you guys. Please vote

The show ended with Aamir welcoming Sania Nehwal, who honoured the champions from a village from Maharastra with SMJ medals.

The live show Mumkin Hai also witnessed great sport personalities like Kapil Dev, Yuraj Singh and also Sachin Tendulkar connecting over a call. I guess, another revolution of wining over evil has begun with Satyamev Jayate’s season 3.

Mumkin Hai

So encourage sports, play sports and let others achieve their success in sports.

Jai Hind, Satyamev Jayate.

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  1. Very well written. Thanks for sharing this. It really helps for a person like me who wants quick summary of the show! Keep up the good work.


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