My Voice – New Tone!

Hello Readers,

Thank you everyone for making my Birthday so special. This year, I have received tons of wishes from all those lovely people who have given me a small place in their warm hearts. It is always wonderful to know such lovely people. I also want to thank god for making me come across such fantastic personalities. I love you all.

So, hope all have enjoyed their Dussehra festival and also the long weekend we had this time. I must admit that I enjoyed a lot and had fun with family. Well, what is the purpose of this blog post? “Hey wait a minute I thought this blog’s name is “My Voice – Heard Loud”, now what “My Voice – New Tone” is all about” says your mind.

Confusing isn’t it? I shall explain you in detail.

Hopefully everyone likes my blog. Blogs shouldn’t be boring isn’t it? It should be filled with more of interesting and interactive things. So, I have added some new elements to make your reading – a pleasant experience. I have found out that my readers sometimes find difficult to search their interesting post/topic whilst they want to share with their family/friends or may be to read it again. There are some great features in this blog, which many are not aware.

How to comment on the posts? How to like the posts? What all can I see on this blog? Well, all these questions are solved here:

1. The Menus:

This blog has some amazing interactive menus as given below:

  • Blissful Stomach: in this section you will see variety of dishes prepared at my home. So I bring you the world’s best dishes right from my kitchen bench to you. Well, there will only be pictures (of course related to food) to start with. You can always and any time ask for the recipes, I will ask my parents to personally answer them.
  • V-Eye: is a part of menu where you will get to see my photographs – sometimes travel pictures, sometimes personal, sometimes pictures which will motivate us. Since I am learning photography under some real good tutors, I am pretty sure you will like this section. V-Eye is nothing but Virtual Eye.
  • V-Log: It’s a new element I am planning to introduce. That element is too soon to discuss at this point of time, hehe I love to see your curious faces. Well, what is V-Log? Its Video blogging. A series of videos will be uploaded and it will be interactive section.
  • Polls: How will it be, when someone says you will be allowed to vote irrespective of your age? Yes you need not be above 18 years to vote here. This section is all about the polls. I know you might be thinking, why polls? It’s because to know your views about the blog or about the nation or about anything which is sensible.
  • Contact me: I hope you all have seen “Contact Us” in almost every website. They ask us to contact them for their benefit. Here I ask you to contact me for your benefits hehe. Remember the recipe thing which I discussed above. Apart from that, you may suggest me to make changes, make improvements so that all can have pleasant reading experiences or it may be just asking me to join for a coffee with you.

 2. How to go to older posts?

Older Posts

There are three ways, one is by clicking on “Older Posts” icon. Second is by searching for the topic in the search bar (in The Plus Icon). Third is month on month search bar. If you remember which month a particular post you are searching was published, you can go and hit the month.

3. The Plus (+) Icon: This is the icon, which will take you to most of the things you want to know about the blog. It will reveal the following sub menus

PLus Icon

  • Whether you are following this blog or not. If not,
  • A Follow Blog Button which is easily accessible.
  • A poster, on a click will lead you to Satyamev Jayate official website.
  • You can see my recent tweets and follow me on twitter so that I can follow you back.
  • Search Bar (Explained above under accessing older posts)
  • So Far: Month on Month search bar (also explained above)
  • Instagram – you can see my shares from Instagram.
  • About me- is all about me 🙂
  • Top Posts & Pages
  • Selective search by author
  • Blog Statistics: the number of hits so far.
  • #VikasKalagiBlog Community is the people who are associated with this blog by following the same.
  • Tags – yet another section which makes your search easy. Yes, you can only see the posts which you are interested in.

 4. How to like the posts?

Many have asked this question. Well it’s very easy; after every post you will see the below icon and you just have to choose your ratings accordingly.

Rate This

5. How to comment on the posts?

Yet another question which is frequently asked, well here is the solution. After every post you can see a Plus icon (+) or numbers (like 2 as shown in the image below) which denotes the number of comments for the post. You need to click on the number and scroll a bit down to get an open field in which you can comment. Since it’s a WordPress feature, it will ask your name and email ID etc, but you may not have to fill in the entire fields. You may just type your comment on a field which says “Please leave a reply” and click on Post Comment. That is it! You are done.



Hope this helped you and Thank you again for your time and patience in reading this. I would be happy to receive your suggestions and comments on the same. It’s all about you and me interacting on platform which is clean and clear.

Also to market my other posts (which is very necessary in the nation’s point of view), I have been writing blog posts on Satyamev Jayate’s new season. These posts are mostly available soon after the show. These posts also have poll feature. You can also tell your views on the same by voting questions asked in every episode of the show. Request you to please read this as I believe it is #MumkinHai to change ourselves.

SMJ season 3 promo

Once again thanks for sharing the posts and voting on all the polls featured. I wish to interact more with you in the coming days.




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