Satyamev Jayate – 3.2

Namaskar, Aadab, Khushamadeed … Satyamev Jayate.

Think if a plane crashes every day and 300 to 500 people lose their lives. Can you withstand the fact that 380 people are dying every day in road accidents? Well, these are not accidents, but murders.

I was stunned and had a wet eye listening to Shailesh Shetye’s story. He suffered an irrevocable loss due to someone else’s irresponsible driving. For how long will we remain negligent towards road safety? Guys, think about the family who go through this hell-like experience just because of someone’s craze towards the speed.

I feel that, the driver was the culprit and I am being punished

The second story was of a school bus accident, the horrible incident that led to the death of 14 kids in Jalandhar district of Punjab. Below is the truth of the accident, Decide whether it was an accident or a murder?


Things which are Predictable are not accidents
Things which are Predictable are not accidents 

Apneet Bakshi lost her husband because of rods passing through his skull. How did this happen? Because of the trucks/ Lorries which load iron rods and steel without any protection and they hung behind the trucks causing danger to the vehicles coming behind.

Courtesy: twitter user @storieskecher
Courtesy: twitter user @storieskecher

Truck drivers say they tend to agree the orders of their transport company or the owners since they get only a minimal monthly salary. They don’t think the lives they are leading is actual life as they are away from their family all the time and would get rare opportunity to celebrate a festival. Bheem Wadhwa, who is a transport company owner, says the Government has to take serious steps in abolishing of usage of old vehicles, drivers without license, drivers in state of toxication etc.


Sateesh  Sahasrabudhee  who is an Additional commissioner of transport, said that they cannot go beyond the Motor Vehicles Act constituted and questions the public why does everyone bribe the authorities to get a license. Whereas the public says the RTO authorities create such environment and make them feel so irate, that people finally lose hope and agree to bribe them. To put in a nut shell, the blame game is on.

Rohit Ahuja from Institution of road traffic education – showed us the types of roads and situations we have in our country. All the blame goes to the rider or the driver in every incident. He showed us that, there are also issues with the constructions of roads and infrastructure apart from negligence/ reckless driving.

Piyush Tiwari from Save Life Foundation informed that in India, 50% of accident victims die due to lack of timely medical care. He also mentioned that losses in road accidents account to a 3% loss in our GDP. An amount enough to feed the nation twice!

Here is the question for you all. Please vote for change.

Pledge support by giving a missed call to 1800-833-4002. If you wish to tweet or facebook or any other social website please use the hagtag – #RoadsOKPlease. It was trending No.1 worldwide in twitter during the course of show.

SMJ Worldwide

Well, the show ended with 8 basic rules of road safety.

  • Do not over speed
  • Follow Traffic rules
  • Use a good quality helmet
  • Never drink and drive
  • Always wear a seat belt
  • Never use your phone while driving
  • Individual seats for every kid in school bus along with seat belt
  • Help those injured in a road accident

Always follow the above rules. Please live and let others live.

At the end we saw a video transmission of a group of determined youngsters who stood true to the test of humanity by saving a life.

The live show “Mumkin Hai” made me take an oath “Whenever I come across an injured person lying on the roads, I would go help that person without worrying about the procedure of the law which takes place later.”

I also recommend you all to watch this show once it’s online. It is very necessary to know more about this.

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Picture Courtesy: Satymev Jayate 

Jai Hind, Satyamev Jayate,



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