Limitless! – A bachelor party in Coorg

Hi to all the readers of this blog.

My name is Balaji; I am a friend of Vikas. I know him from past 15 odd years as we shared the same bench in our school. We are here somewhere in the middle of a forest. I really do not know which place is this. I am sure the guys with whom here I am also do not know the place. It’s all because of Deepak, who always misleads the route and ends up landing on a heavenly place like this. All of them are all playing in a nature pool right in front of me.  I somehow got access to this blog from Vikas’ electronic device. Since, I deal in developing software every day; it’s not a big thing to get an access to a blog.  You might be thinking why I am here. Well, it’s to disclose something about our recent tour which my friend Vikas never wanted to share with you all hehe 🙂 I very much agree to your thoughts which are going on in your mind, I know that I am wrong by gate-crashing this blog. Well, even Robinhood was known for his good deeds, isn’t it?

Reading my first few lines, you already know that I am not a good writer. But please bear with me until I finish this. I am sure you will be laughing out all through this story and at the end you will crave for the slice of bread which is shared by this gang of guys even after 15 years.

(A shout from far distance) “Balaji, come on man, you need to get down here, it’s an awesome place”.  And I am saying “Enjoy buddy, I am fine here”. Crazy guys!

So let’s begin, readers I am about to get married. You know the reaction and words from guys when you say you are getting married. First words which slip from their mouth are “When’s the Bachelor Party?” It so obvious, boys will never change. So they decided to create a group on whatsapp. Everyone started to name few places around, while the initial place selected was Goa. I was very fine with anyplace since this was planned for December. Finally, after long days of discussion our boys agreed to go to a place in Coorg about 260 kms from Bangalore.

Everyone was so excited that there was a countdown going on whatsapp (even the half day was counted believe me). God! They were super excited fellas. Nonetheless, I didn’t leave behind my enthusiasm either. The big day arrived after counting it down from hours to minutes. Everyone was giving a wakeup call to everybody. We all reached the pickup point in time difference of 5 minutes. However, the fat lazy ass, Amit had not woke up at all (well, he was suffering from fever too).  We were about 40 minutes late from our scheduled departure, all because of Amit.  We had to excuse him because he was with us even in his bad health condition. Showcase of a true friendship here hehe :). We always refer him to the character ‘Alan’ of Hangover. And you know why by now. If you guys do not have any idea about Hangover, here is it

“Ehh Balazee come over here.. Shoot this on camcorder.. Look I am diving in water.” Here comes the coincidental shout from Amit. “Yeah, give me 15 minutes, I am coming” I shouted back.

My journey began with lots of fun, selfies, and senseless talks of 6 amazing (idiotic) personalities. Let me take their names in Alphabetical order (so that I can slip away easily if they complain over who has to be first after reading this) Amit, Balakrshna, Deepak, Naveen, Vikas and Vipin all of them are my school friends.

Before we reached our first stop for breakfast, I suggested them to download a stunningly useful android application called ‘Split wise’. It’s an app to share the expenses. Do you think they would download the app themselves? Hehehe :). This app got a good appreciation from few of them at the beginning, however later this was condemned to the greatest extent. Stupid fellows they never understood how it worked.

Soon after the breakfast with longing talks, we got back to the mini bus. After settling down, started a very interesting topic with Naveen initiating by asking what we are doing in our lives since we were meeting after long time. These included Naveen’s heroic love story, Balkrshna’s sweet love and acceptance, Vipin’s innocent love, Deepak’s whether to say or not to say love, Amit’s straight forward answers to the girl at the time of marriage and their bonding, Vikas’s water pump love and ended with my love story. This session brought us closer by knowing each other better than ever.

Dubare elephant camp, we were here for river rafting. We all got into the boat with life jackets on. Deepak and Naveen being the most adventurous among all got into the water to enjoy swimming. Looking at them Balkrshna dived in. While we saw some happy faces getting into the water, there were two frightened, Vipin and Vikas. The raft guide pushed them off the boat. It was fun capturing them in the camcorder.

“Where is the camcorder, Balazee, get it here man.. shoot my diving skills. How boring are you? Come here” (Shouts Amit again). This guy is an absolute Alan. He irritates me a lot. Remembering the Coorg trip, there was unknowing stamp of cow dung on my shoes. This guy made it so big that the guys even circulated the words “green touch” on whatsapp school group. Do you believe, he didn’t allow me to sit beside him in the mini bus?

Continuing the story, we reached Coorg for lunch. Unfortunately, we didn’t get lunch for the day because we were there in odd hours. We went into a restaurant to check if something is available to eat. “Sir, only dosa is available but you will have to wait for 20 minutes” said the manager. Everyone cried “Hey, I can’t wait. I am hungry” amongst the gang. We stepped out as if we would find a better place to eat whilst the manger looked upon at our rejection.

We went hunting for food and got some street food which would hardly fill anyone’s stomach.  Shamelessly all are sitting in the same restaurant saying “Dosa’s are always good” “Oh masala Dosa is super” “While on tour, we need to have light food like Dosa” to make the atmosphere convincing. We went to Raja Seat, the sun set point to click some pictures. It was a scenic beauty of the nature. Oh yes talking about the pictures, I hope Vikas uploads it later when he reads this. I can only see unrelated pictures of girls and other stuff on this device hehehe.

We headed towards our homestay, which was located midst the hills. Reaching there was fun, getting inside the forest with no street lights at all. Here we even talked about the ghost stories again Naveen being the initiator of the topic. Amit re-explained his real life “Conjuring Effect”. We stayed at a beautiful tent house. Everyone got ready for the most exciting party of the year 2014. The weather was too cold outside, we could even feel the dews on the lawn. There was a dining table set up right in the middle of homestay. Orange light spread across everywhere. Nice music being played in the background. God! It was such a memorable evening.  A perfect atmosphere to hang out with school guys who were meeting after 15 years.

“Guys, look what I have for you all” said Amit. Everybody looked curiously from their positions of setting up the chairs, selecting the songs near music player, spraying deodrants standing in front of the dressing mirror. “hehe! It’s time to open up the cork of these wine bottles” shouted Amit in all happiness.

I never drink so obviously it didn’t excite me. But all others were very excited to begin the party. “Cheers! To Balazee’s Bachelor party” they all shouted and thus the party begin. We started discussing on the on-going social issues of country. While we talked upon, I had a glance on the table to check out if any food has arrived for us to eat. The wine was getting over, these guys were pouring some more in their glasses. “Come on dude, it’s just a wine. Have some more, we still have the whole night” were the words of encouragement from Amit and Vikas to Deepak, who was a bit hesitant to make the next drink.

6’o clock, next morning I woke up with various alarms ringing from different directions. Heard someone one talking and I pulled off my thick blanket. With my blurry eyes, I could see three of them speaking. I woke up to check out what they were talking.

“What happened last night?” Deepak asked painfully. His half-trousers were torn off. While we all were warm in our pullovers, Deepak was bare chested. There were bruises all over his hands and legs. His thumb was injured badly and he…

(Someone walking towards me with loud footsteps) “Balu, what are you doing here. Keep that aside and come with us. Look all are playing there. Come right now! I will not move until you come” says Balkrshna by glancing on what I am doing.  But thankfully he didn’t come to know.

“Give me 5 mins, I will just change and come over there to get into the water” I said.

Guys, thanks for reading this far, I will come back and tell you more. Till then be curious to know what happened to Deepak. What happened that night? Whatever happened, how did it astonish everybody?

Be curious, will be back soon.


8 thoughts on “Limitless! – A bachelor party in Coorg

  1. Hehe. I shall explain you the water pump love story one day. Yeah it’s good to be blog-hijacked when something good is to happen. Thank you so much for your kind views.


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