Limitless! – A bachelor party in Coorg – The ending

Hello everyone,

Before I justify the reasons, apologize for being vanished from the blog for quite a long time; let’s finish the half known story of what Balaji was explaining in the previous blog post.

To all those who have forgotten the story, here is a quick recap of the previous blog.

“What happened last night?” Deepak asked painfully. His half-trousers were torn off. While we all were warm in our pullovers, Deepak was bare chested. There were bruises all over his hands and legs. His thumb was injured badly and he…

Guys, thanks for reading this far, I will come back and tell you more. Till then be curious to know what happened to Deepak. What happened that night? Whatever happened, how did it astonish everybody?”

Alright, I am Vikas and I would like to take you all back to that beautiful night.

Nice English songs playing in the background. Lights beautifully lit everywhere in the homestay.  We were sitting in a circular pattern in front of bonfire. It was a breezy night and we could feel the cool wind hit us hard in the midst of hills. Hands with tight fists were going inside the sleeves  for the chill weather we had that night.  There was this biker gang who were enjoying their evening at the other end of the place. Deepak and Vipin are in deeper discussion, when stepped closer I could hear them speak about mythology. Well I never look up to hear such stories and I feel it’s too boring.

On the other end of bon fire were these two gentlemen Amit and Naveen trying to give Balaji gyaan about “Marriage” and its effects. I wasn’t interested in that either. Ahh! There I find a partner who was checking out the food on the table with a glass of wine in his hand.

“Bala, what are you doing here, Dude? You are a married man too, why don’t you join that group?” I said pointing my hand towards the group of three. “Well, at this point of time I am only interested at this (showing his glass of wine) & that (food on the table)” Come on, have some more” Balakrishna invited me with a pleasant smile.

We went in nostalgic days of our school and the connect we had even after 15 years. There strikes an idea to Balakrshna. “Hey, how about we share our views on everyone present here? Each guy will speak on the other.” I said “Oh that’s a cool idea!” but it went unheard as Balakrshna was already positioned himself in front of the bonfire to take up the dais. Well, never mind. I will say that again I thought (with embarrassed looks)

“Attention Guys, we have a great idea to make this night memorable. Please fill in your drinks and we are gonna start a fantastic thing” shouted Balakrshna with high spirits (Now that can be taken either ways).

“Well said! And yeah that’s a cool idea” I managed to say this to Balkrshna this time. So coming in turns, all began to share their perspective about everyone. It went on till late night. The time was 2 am in the morning, empty wine bottles are rolling on the wet grass with dew drops, vessels were hustled on the table. There was a freezing cold that nobody could stand outside. However, Balakrshna was still sharing his experiences and stuff with us as he couldn’t finish it in one go.  “I am running into the room, cannot withstand the cold anymore” Balaji shouted while tapping his big steps towards the room.

Everyone went inside. We played loud music and started dancing. Unfortunately I cannot elaborate what happened for the next 2 hours in a detailed way as I have do not have the permission from Big 5 guys. And let us keep those memories to share within ourselves hehe 🙂

It was 5:30 in the morning, when I heard someone trying to open the door of our room, I ignored & slept. Now its 5:35 and somebody is still trying to open the door and get out. I uncovered the thick blanket.  Door opened and the guy got out. I was unable to trace who was it in the darkness and lied down on the bed covering the blanket.

Are my legs vibrating? “Hey wake up man! Come on get up and help me” a freighting voice of whisper came from Balkrshna. I got up to find out that I was running out looking for someone. “Hey, I am not able to see Deepak” said Balakrshna furiously. We then looked around and went a step ahead to check out the big steep land in front of us.

A hand rises for help. We then realise its Deepak. “Oh shit! He has fallen into the pit” we shouted and dragged him up. There we find a fallen chair, pulled it and made Deepak sit on it. But it was freaking cold outside and Deepak had no shirt on him. We took him inside, put on the lights. We started to enquire what actually happened. It was 6:00 am by now.

Now let us link this to Balaji’s words in the previous blog post. Here it goes:

6’o clock, next morning I woke up with various alarms ringing from different directions. Heard someone one talking and I pulled off my thick blanket. With my blurry eyes, I could see three of them speaking. I woke up to check out what they were talking.

“What happened last night?” Deepak asked painfully. His half-trousers were torn off. While we all were warm in our pullovers, Deepak was bare chested. There were bruises all over his hands and legs. His thumb was injured badly and he…”

…he was trying to recollect what happened last night. What made him run away and jump into the pit. By now all were up and near Deepak. We all were trying to solve this mystery with our own versions. Ultimately, this is one experience where we terribly failed to crack the mystery behind that big Jump and Deepak himself could not remember most of the things occurred that night.

7 am with hot cup of tea , we went to the mystery site to check what would have happened. We were not able to find out this time as well. This mystery remained as it is and was left in that homestay forever.

Next morning, we went on hiking and it was an amazing experience. I have to stop it somewhere, because our diaries are never ending. So leaving you all with the below video.

Please keep visiting and keep reading.




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