People Inside – Vol. 1

People inside is a photo series which I would like to display to you all. The name “People Inside” can be taken as People captured inside a frame or people inside my heart. All the photos in this series are clicked after connecting to people I met along in various set of Journey’s I have made so far.

Well, I love many genres of photography, but people photography is something which is close to my heart. The reason is simple, I get to meet them, talk to them, understand their culture, thoughts etc. The featured personalities are very sweet and humble to have given permission to capture them without any hassle. Among these are few friends who are close to me. So by thanking all of the featured people, I would present you my work.

My special thanks to photo buddies Amit, Balaji & Deepak with whom I have been learning this beautiful art called “Photography”.  And not to forget to thank my passion called Shoot Bob Photography Expeditions.

Click any of the below image to start the slide show.


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