The best days of my life!

Hello friends,

Hope this post finds you in good health.

Let me begin this way. I pass my college every day while going and coming back from work. Today I was standing in the traffic signal right in front of my college, just rolled back to the sweet memories I had with this hugely popular college. 

I was an average student pursuing my bachelor’s degree in this college. I had few good old friends from my previous step of education. Was lucky enough to share the same class and desk with them. Hence I didn’t find out myself new to the college. The colourful life started to unfold as the time passed. I had many friends. Then our famous gang. We had even the nick names for all which was a fun ride by itself. 

I am sharing my nick for the first time with you all.  It was “Haavli” which in the language kannada means “torture” used as a slang ofcourse.  I guess this nick fell on me as I was intolerable to others. Hahaha.  Well that was just the beginning.

I still remember that classes we bunked, I was even thrown out of my class with my friends for the witty pranksters.  We used to have our breakfasts at the famous then and even now,  Raghavendra stores (the idli corner near malleshwaram railway station).  I can still feel the hit of the 8’o clock sun rays on my face sitting there with loud laughter of my friends.

These are just a few memories to begin with.  I shall share more when I have enough time.

Do tell me your experiences, your best days of life. Waiting to hear you now.

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