PK gaya, PK aaya – the untold story

Hello Boys and Girls,

Late again, Sorry! But as they say “Der ayad Durust ayad” (Better late than never)

Yes, you know the topic already. Let me tell you the coincidence of my life with what you are seeing these days. Close to 90 odd days back, I was discussing with few of my friends about something which many of us or may be all of us do not know the meaning of. Yes, it’s the word ‘Mankind’. Whenever we met, we talked about this topic in bits & pieces just to imagine the world we are looking or wanting for.

To add to it I started talking to all those people whom I wasn’t talking for some stupid reasons like “I don’t like his or her personality”, “He or she has rude behaviour”, “Oh! He/she taunted me” etc.  It took lot of time to realise that I was sailing on the same boat which had the humans without heart.  My soul said “Come on! You can’t be stone hearted. You cannot change/modify anyone’s personality. It’s the creator’s job and you just need to live by It.” Further it said, “There’s only one mankind, we are all part of the same. Fights, frustrations, anger take you nowhere. While you leave this world, you can’t them along.” That’s it, loud and clear & I had to listen and act accordingly.

Old Airport road, few weeks back.  I was dropping my boss to his hotel on my scooter. My boss, politely asked, “You and few other colleagues were not talking to that girl, how come you guys went to see her to the hospital”, I replied with a smile in my helmet, “Sir, I am just being human. I have started talking to everyone, whom I had fought with”. Boss replies “That’s great! We have one life and we should live happily with all those people whom we are associated.”

This Weekend – A man comes out all of sudden through the smokes with the blue gadget on his neck, completely naked. Conterminously enacts the similar story on what we were imagining or trying to say to the people around us.  You got it right. I am talking about the movie PK which is playing in cinema halls. I still cannot believe how did Aamir read our minds without touching our hands. Trust me, PK isn’t just a movie, it much more.

Aamir Khan, the name itself is enough to pull even the oldies out of their houses to watch his movie in cinema halls. I should admit with you, when I was in my graduation days my parents never said no to an Aamir Khan movie. Infact, they paid for the tickets for my repetitive watching. I still remember my mom saying, “Aamir comes with a movie only once in a year, let him watch how many times ever he wants. He hardly watches any other movies.” By now you know, even my parents liked him very much. My dad, who never goes to cinema halls, was laughing out loud watching 3 idiots in cinema hall way back in 2009. Now, he gently asks me, have you booked tickets for “PK”.

If you have come here looking for the storyline of PK, then this is not the right article you are reading.  Three words were out of my mouth, “OMG!” just after the movie ended with some surprise element in it. Needless to say Aamir truly deserves a standing ovation for his performance according to me. For me this is his most powerful performance, when compared to previous ones.  His flawless acting brought me tears thrice while I watched the movie first time. When I watch Aamir on big screen, my eyes keep looking at him and don’t even care to see the other characters of the movie.

The script and screenplay is tremendous, a matchless beauty, and it’s impeccable. If it wasn’t Raju Hirani, this movie wouldn’t be that perfect. The way things have been co-related is incredible. I am afraid to say that I have lost words to describe it.

I already watched it thrice with friends & family. Go watch the movie, imbibe the message it carries.

At the end, just want to share a picture I took in Cubbon Park sometime back.


Look at this picture closely. What does it say?

Well, this is how it looked to me – there is bird sitting lazily on the twig of that tree doing nothing. There is one more bird next to it, which has taken the flight just now. While it looks struggling, there is a hope that it can fly wide and fearless. Look at the last bird, its flying high and happy. God has given it the wings and it knows how to use it well.

Which one are you among them – the lazy one, the struggling one or the happiest of all?

You just read the story – PK gaya, PK aaya. Please share this post with your friends & family. I will be coming up with more this year end.

Keep visiting & keep sharing.

Lots of Love,



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