Hampi & it’s People – Frame of Tranquility

Hampi&itsPeople - Frame of tranquility
Picture 5/20 – An old man attaining his peace by reading a book on a beautiful evening in Hampi

Hampi & it’s fact: 

Chronology of the Discovery and Conservation of Hampi

  • 1800 – Colin Mackenzie visits Hampi
  • 1856 – Alexander Greenlaw takes the first detailed photographs of archaeological remains at Hampi
  • 1876 – J F Fleet begins documenting the inscriptions on the temple walls at the site
  • 1902 – Conservation begins under John Marshall
  • 1986 – Hampi is declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO

How did I picture this:

It was my friend Amit, who called to capture this lovely frame as my theme on this tour was Hampi & People. There was not enough light as the sun was setting. You can see orangish rays of light falling on the frame in this picture. A man sitting with a beautiful backdrop. Finally, I am happy that I was able to capture and present it to you all.

It was indeed a beautiful evening followed by a night photography. A day to cherish in the years ahead.

More with the next picture




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