Hampi & it’s People – The Old & the New


Pic – 6/20 – A visitor lost in the magnificent architecture of Queen’s bath.

Hampi & it’s fact: 

Right inside the Royal enclosure lies the ruined Queen’s Bath. The reasons for its name is still unknown. However this structure looks quite plain from the exterior. Once entered inside makes you go wow looking at the series of balconies and is a true architectural delight. There are little windows allowing your eyes to peep outside with lovey design of lotus shaped carvings. There is no roof to this structure and is open to sky. It’s so believed that this grand pool was filled with beautiful flowers and perfume. It’s also believed that this was place to beat the heat for Royal Family of Vijayanagar Empire and would be covered when the city is crowded with people. Truly a spectacular architecture to witness.

Old pic Queens Bath
An archived picture by historians. This is Queen’s Bath captured many years ago

How did I picture this:

Well, I cornered a position for myself in this amazing structure and the theme well settled in my brain started to wait for people to come inside that beautiful frame of Queen’s Bath. The sun rays were quite generously falling on the balcony. With the couple entering the targeted spot, I was lucky enough to get them at the right positions just like how I wanted.

Incidentally, while going through the internet I found the most early pictures of the same balcony of Queen’s bath.

More with the next picture





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