Hampi & it’s People – The Earnest Wait

Hampi&itsPeople - The Earnest Wait
7/20 – A little girl curiously waiting for her mom’s return

Hampi & it’s fact: 

When we are talking about children, I thought why not include something about children of Hampi. While browsing internet, I found something special. Here is the small story of a project which is creating colorful lives across Hampi.

The Hampi Children’s Trust (HCT) is a self-help organization, which provides the children of Hampi (Province of Karnataka) with an education and nourishment.The organization was founded in 2007 by Kali Das, who was born in Hampi. Together with his English friend, Tim Brown, he cared for 8 children, who due to financial reasons could not attend school and were left on the street to beg for money.

The idea for the Hampi Children’s Trust (HCT) originated in November 2006, when two old friends, Tim Brown (from England) and Kali Das (born and raised in Hampi), met again in Hampi. They met each other 10 years prior when Kali was 15 years old, was working as a tour guide and showed Tom the beautiful village of Hampi.

To know more about them, please visit : http://www.hampi-childrens-trust.com/

How did I picture this:

While we were exhausted walking for about 30 to 40 mins in the hot sun, we took a break near a sugarcane juice kiosk. I was looking around when our chilled glass of cane juice was getting ready. I saw this cute little girl waiting for her mom. Her mom was buying  biscuits in the shop next to the kiosk. The girl’s wait sitting on the root of an old tree made me capture this.

More with next picture.



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