Hampi & it’s People – The Golden Hair

Photo Series 8/20 – A foreign visitor relaxes just near river TungaBhadra. Touring this grand forgotten city makes the feet talk themselves.  

Hampi & it’s fact: 

Tourists from different lands around the world has been visiting Hampi from as far back as 1500 AD and still this practice goes on. As we talk about foreign tourists, here is one of such great traveller who wrote about Hampi in 1522 AD.

…The Brahman’s are all married, and have very beautiful wives; the wives are very retiring, and very seldom leave the house. The women are of light colour, and in the
caste of these Brahmans are the fairest men and women that there are in the land; for though there are men in other castes commonly of light complexion, yet these are few. There are many in this country who call themselves Brahmans, but they lead a life very different from those of whom I have spoken, for these last are men to whom the king pays much honour, and he holds them in great favour.

– Domingo Paes, a Portuguese traveller writes about the city of Victory.

How did I picture this:

Just walking through the tough rocks, we reach a place where there are structure with lots of pillars (as you see in the picture) right in front of this is river Tunga Bhadra. There is a small temple of Lord Shiva in the corner of our sight. While we finished few shots at the river side, I saw this visitor sitting alone at peace. I really liked the rays of sun falling over her head, making it stand out elegantly with colour of gold. Captured it!

More with the next picture.



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